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Most presentations are boring

Executives do not have time and the knowledge to prepare an effective presentation. Consequently, they create presentations that lack structure and contain a lot of visual noise. As a result, the audience is not able to follow the flow of the narration and they get lost in the information

Our framework bridges the gap

A framework for successful presentations Click to download the file

Framework description

Our framework is based on the way human brain understands information and recalls it in its memory in order to develop the narrative. The framework is based on 15 years of research and work on presentations. Below is a brief description of the framework.
Research your audience


The first step in presentation design should be to make a research about your audience and learn more about who they are, what they think, what keeps them awake at night. Only by understanding your audience you will be able to persuade them

Give structure to your presentation


Then you need to organize your ideas under a central message so that they tell a compelling story. If your presentation does not have a concrete structure, then the audience will not be able to follow the flow of your narration and they will get lost. Thus, they will undermine your proposal

Be careful with design


Consistency in terms of design should be applied throughout the presentation. More specifically, the same style should be applied regarding fonts, lines, colors, shapes and images

Remove unnecessary design elements

Kill noise

A common mistake for those who use presentation software is to apply random formatting (shadows, colors, 3D etc.) that eventually leads only to visual noise. You should not decorate randomly your presentation but use  the tools in an appropriate way to enhance your messages

create presantations that attract attention


Both in the narrative and in design you should attract and keep your audience’s attention

Measure stakeholder satisfaction


When you finalize the presentation apply a quality control to confirm that everything works as expected and your messages are clear. After presentation delivery, you should measure the impact it made in your audience’s mind

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