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Every presentation is an opportunity to win the hearts and minds of your audience and convince them for your ideas. But, most professionals do not have the knowledge and time to prepare a successful presentation. Metaxas, offer presentations design and trainings services. We are thought partners to our clients and we bring value to their business. Since 2006 we work on world-class presentations.

Presentation services

Narrative and design

We apply our methodology to create impressive corporate presentations that achieve targets.
Download our framework for effective presentations.


After 15 years of work and research in the most important presentations we are teaching what we have learnt. Join our interactive workshops and start standing out.


Bring your story to life with a system that expresses your corporate visual identity. A template will ensure consistent communications in external and internal audiences.

Check how we bring your ideas into life 

We apply our methodology, which was developed after 15 years of work and research in high-stakes presentations.
The example below shows how we create message-driven slides. Click to zoom on the slides.

Before Simple boring slide
After Visually enhanced slide


Of clients are highly satisfied with the service provided

On-time delivery
of all services

All client information is treated as highly confidential

"I have one thing to say, that our presentation took off and congratulations for that"

Product Manager in a large Telco

"Thank you very much for the excellent work and quick turnaround time"

Marketing Manager in a big Start-up

Working as thought partners

We cooperate closely with our clients in creative meetings to understand their ideas and translate them into persuasive visuals. We not only deliver world-class presentations but through the working process we educate our clients how to communicate more effectively with their customers and their colleagues.

Free resources

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3 reasons why presentations are pivotal

1. Targets

Whether you are trying to persuade a fund to support your start-up business, to update your team on a process or to persuade a customer to buy your product, your success heavily depends on how effectively you present your arguments

2. Client

The audience are sacrificing their precious time to attend a presentation and they can easily find out if the presenter is properly prepared for this moment

If the presenter is not prepared well, the audience will assume that their time is not respected and will undermine the presenter's arguments

3. Professional  development

There is no doubt that the improvement of communication skills can help an executive either to find a job or get a promotion

Moreover, a presentation reflects the speaker's image and the organization they represent. Thus, it is a unique opportunity for the speaker to promote themselves as a leader and as a professional

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