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We will teach you the secrets of successful presentations

Most professionals create presentations on a daily basis to communicate their ideas. However, they have not received proper training on how to turn business ideas into effective visuals. Therefore, they end up with boring presentations that do not achieve their goals and they waste their time. At METAXAS, we have developed high quality trainings that cover the full presentation spectrum.

Available workshops

Presentation Masterclass

Accelerate your career with effective communication. We will teach you all the important dimensions of presentation design


Learn how to design impressive slides without being a graphic designer. Focuses on growing design skills


Learn how to create a concrete structure and persuasive content for your presentations. Focuses on the narrative aspect 

There are three ways to get presentations training

1. Public workshops

Attend one of our scheduled public webinars. We narrow the number of participants to 10-12 to ensure proper interaction and collaboration

2. Team training

Bring our webinar to your company adjusted to your needs. Existing corporate presentations can be used as exercises and case studies

3. Personal training

Get personalized training customized on your needs. You can bring your own examples and questions to discuss them with the instructor

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