Learn how to develop a presentation narrative that will persuade your audience to adopt your proposal



Persuade Workshop guide Click to download (currently in Greek)


Clear and targeted communication can affect an executive's career and income. In this workshop you will learn how to: 
  • Analyze your audience
  • Develop a concrete presentation structure
  • Create persuasive content
  • Visualize data and ideas
  • Evaluate presentation success


Join the webinar if you wish to:
  • Create persuasive presentations
  • Organize your thoughts under a central message
  • Apply immediately the key learnings in your daily work
"Persuade" target audience

Target audience

  • Managers who wish to communicate their messages in critical audiences 
  • Researchers who want to present their studies in congresses 
  • Executives who wish to create persuasive presentations for their audiences 
  • Professionals who need to improve their presentation skills and save valuable time 
  • Analysts who seek to select the appropriate exhibit to communicate their ideas 

Upskill now!

There are 3 ways to attend our workshops

1. Public workshops

Attend one of our scheduled public webinars. We narrow the number of participants to 10-12 to ensure proper interaction and collaboration

2. Team trainings

Bring our webinar to your company adjusted to your needs. Existing corporate presentations can be used as exercises and case studies 

3. Personalized training

Contact us for a personalized training. You can bring your own examples and questions to discuss them with the instructor

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