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This webinar lasts 6 or 12 hours and is led by an experienced instructor. Regular breaks are scheduled throughout the course to get some fresh air, drink water or catch up with your emails

Set up

This webinar is interactive. Exercises and case studies are used to help participants understand the content. The webinar is available in Greek and English language


All our webinars are held electronically via Zoom or MS Teams

We teach our effectice presentations framework


We teach our ROCKET framework which was created after many years of experience in critical presentations. We use exercises and case studies to help you understand the content. Learn all you need to start creating amazing professional presentations. In particular:

  • Craft a persuasive narrative 
  • Visualize your ideas in impressive slides 
  • Design practices in PowerPoint  
  • Evaluate the success of your presentation


This is a great workshop for teams who want to improve efficiency and collaboration. Join the webinar if you wish to:
  • Learn how to start and finish effectively your presentation 
  • Design memorable slides that attract attention
  • Distinguish yourself from others
Presentation Masterclass' audience

Target audience

  • CEOs who present in critical audiences
  • Executives and senior executives who need to present effectively in their internal and external clients
  • Team members who want to start producing effective presentations
  • Anyone who creates a presentation for professional purposes and needs to improve their communication skills

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There are 3 ways to attend our workshops

1. Public workshops

Attend one of our schedulled public webinars. We narrow the number of participants to 10-12 to ensure proper interaction and collaboration

2. Corporate trainings

Bring our webinar to your company adjusted to your needs. Existing corporate presentations can be used as exercises and case studies 

3. Personalized training

Contact us for a personalized training. You can bring your own examples and questions to discuss them with the instructor

Explore more trainings

We offer trainings that cover the story and design part of the presentation creation process. All trainings can be offered in various setups both in Greek and English languge.

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