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For 15 years now we create impressive presentations that deliver significant impact. We apply our methodology and experience to create structure and a compelling narrative. Consistency in design is ensured throughout our work. Below, are some samples of redesigned slides to attract audience's attention.

Case study 1

At the image on the left side, there is a boring presentation without a clear structure. In that case, the information can hardly be recalled by the audience. On the next image, it is clear how the presentation got a redesign after an interview with the client. Now, the presentation has a structure with clear messages and stunning visuals.

Case study 2

The slide below was intended to be presented at a large audience presentation. Therefore, all the details were removed and the main elements were visually supported by an appropriate framework. 


Case study 3

Below there is a case where a common boring slide full of bullet points was redesigned by applying the principles of visual thinking. Learn more about this process in one of our presentation workshops


Slides that make a difference

Below, there are some samples of visually striking slides made in PowerPoint. All slides were designed in order to visually enhance the message, increase memorability and support the corporate branding

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