How to create a recruiting presentation and attract the best talent

There is no doubt that the current pandemic and the advancement of teleworking have created a new reality for the workplace. This situation is already affecting both the companies and the workforce. A new discussion has emerged of what people are expecting from their employers and how the latter can live up to these expectations.

Because of this new reality, organisations suffer from talent shortage and this challenges significantly the recruiting process. It is here exactly where effective presentations can be extremely helpful. A presentation that is grabbing the attention, is persuasive, is professional and resonates with the audience can help companies attract top talent and facilitate the recruiting processes. 

Below there are six tips to help you create an effective recruiting presentation.

1. State clearly why they should join your organization

In the first place, the perspective employees need to know why they should join your company. They need to be persuaded that their targets are the same with your targets. What’s more, it is suggested to describe the everyday life in your organization and what is like to work there. Moreover, you could provide examples of your people, your premises and outside of the office activities.

2. Describe the recruiting process and the relative timeline

What is also important to your future employees, is to have a view of the recruiting process and to estimate how long it will take. Use charts to visualize the recruiting process steps from the CV screening stage to the job offer and the onboarding phase. Do not forget to mention the timelines, because this is very important for the job candidates. They need to be aware of what to expect and when, to organize better their own agenda.

3. Include information of how to prepare for the interview

Furthermore, it would be a good idea to help the candidates prepare for the recruiting process. Provide them with sources of preparation and include a mock interview session. This part of the presentation should also be interactive by organizing a role-playing game with the audience.

For virtual interviews, candidates need to know how much earlier they should log into the session, what background to choose, what to have with them during the interview session and more.

Candidates would like to know what to do to gain extra points or what to avoid during the interview process. For instance, it is good to know that they should plan their day to be in the interview earlier but also not to have a tight schedule that day because the process may take longer than the expected.

4. Give tips and tricks

Furthermore, it would be interesting to give some general tips and tricks to your audience. For example, include information how to write a good CV and a cover letter, how to build a nice LinkedIn profile and what to wear at the day of the interview.

5. Include FAQs and Q&A sections

At the end of the presentation, include a section for frequently asked questions and a Q&A session. Close the presentation by providing information for the next steps.

6. Adopt a professional look and feel in the presentation

It is important, your presentation to look highly professional. Don’t overload your slides with many details. Buying a presentation template from the internet will not work itself as every slide should be well-thought designed.

The recruiting process is the first interaction of the candidates with your company. Even if they get hired or not, it should be a high professional experience for the candidate they will never forget. Start this process with a great recruiting event, supported by an amazing presentation.

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