How to create sophisticated presentations

Presentations dominate the corporate world for communicating new ideas and proposals. However, most of them are boring and ineffective. Most people blame the software for bad presentations. Instead, the way one uses it makes the difference. The vast majority of professionals are not appropriately trained and not able to devote the required time to create an effective presentation.

This article reveals information that will help you design more sophisticated presentations and get your messages across effectively.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

This famous quote by Leonardo da Vinci is a fundamental principle in all aspects of design and communication. Simplicity is especially important when it comes to creating and visualizing information.

Often, when someone hears the word "simple", they fear that their ideas and proposals will look and sound insignificant and be downgraded.

But simplicity does not mean boredom. Removing the unnecessary, solves problems and does not create new ones. Declutter your slides and keep only those that are needed to support the message.

Use high quality images

Imagery plays a key role in the success of a presentation. It helps the audience understand and memorize the speaker's words. Also, when images spark emotions, they can persuade audience members to adopt the proposed action by the speaker.

Select high resolution images. Otherwise, the photos will appear blurry on the screen.

During the process of selecting images for the presentation, the designer must select a group of photos that look similarly. That is, the images need to have a similar style (e.g., they should all be black and white). That way, a better visual result will be achieved in the whole presentation.

There are several websites where one can find high quality images at a low cost. Some of them are: Istock Photos, Adobe Images and Shutterstock. It is preferable to look for images that depict real people, real emotions and real events. Avoid free images because they have been used many times.

Adopt a distinctive fonts system

The narrative should be easy to read and visually arresting so that the audience understands the message quickly. Typography is a form of art and requires special care when using it. Avoid using fancy fonts for your presentation. Choosing the right font is a determining factor in the visual balance of your presentations. It is preferable to choose easy-to-read fonts that reinforce the messages of the presentation.

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