How to overcome communication barriers and succeed in change management

Applying an organizational change is a challenging task. Research has shown that communicating positively the change is crucial for the success of this project. This article explores which managerial practices can generate positive communication and engage people in change management.

Major constraints in employee engagement

1. Communication flow. In most of the cases, communication runs from the top to bottom of the organization. This makes sharing of information difficult. However, employees should have the opportunity to actively participate and contribute with their peers, assistants and top management. Organization leadership should create suitable communication channels for employees to share their ideas and energy.

2. Communication channels. Most of the communication channels are not effective and not user friendly. In addition, they are not easily accessible by all employees in the organization and these tools are often overlooked by them.

3. Technological illiteracy. Not all employees are trained adequately to use in an effective manner the communication tools. As a result, inconsistencies happen and noise dominates in communication.

Strategies for employee engagement and organizational transformation

This paragraph discusses some measures that can facilitate communication and employee engagement.

Communicate a vision. Employees need to be aware of the purpose they are working for. A vision can express an idealized image of the future based around organizational values. Leaders who are connected to change management endeavors should try to change organizational culture in line with their vision. Therefore, excellent leaders are more likely to exhibit transformational leadership traits that enable them to alter aspects of their culture to improve their organizational performance. Without a vision, employees resemble like directionless darts who do not know where is the target and how to reach it. Hence, a vision assists employees walk in a single direction full of energy and committed.

Communicate at every layer. Employees need to be encouraged at every organizational level. An organizational transformation is successful at the top of the company when people at every level know they are supported by their leadership. Therefore, it is easier to eliminate resistance in change.

To sum up, successful change management requires engaging with your people. Explore our ROCKET framework where you can learn how to engage successfully with your audience. If you need help in communicating your change management efforts we can help you design successful communications and train your teams. Submit a request here.