How to shine with a great presentation

Clear communication has never been as important in business as it is today. Professional interaction is highly characterized by presenting to a group of business people. To succeed in your business environment you need to share your ideas, vision, proposition in a powerful way. Below are 3 tips that will help you create effective presentations and improve your daily workflow.

1. Develop a clear structure

Presentations that lack a coherent structure can only be understood by the presenter. If the audience is not able to follow the flow of the presentation, it is because the presenter either did not have time to prepare their material or did not care enough about their audience.

Without structure, your ideas will not fly. The structure is what gives power to your ideas. Most presentations today lack structure.

To develop your narrative, gather as much information as you can around the main idea and write down supporting ideas in yellow stickers. Filter the best ideas that support the central idea of ​​the presentation and group them by topic. Finally, use the appropriate visuals to illustrate your message.

2. Grab your audience's attention

To gain the attention of your audience, design presentations using contrast. Compare situations and illustrate the difference between them. This technique can be applied both in developing the narrative and in the design part. The image below illustrates some contrast templates you may use.49e459e9-086d-4c72-8ede-08738ae7258ejpg

3. Create a memorable "closure" for the presentation

The closing part is your chance to summarize your content and highlight the main message of your narrative. It is not necessary to go into all the details of the presentation in detail again, but the audience needs to know exactly what you are asking them to do. Therefore, create a strong call to action that your audience will understand and act accordingly.

Your audience may not remember all the details from the main part of the presentation. But the end is important to be accurate and targeted.

Effective presentations need time and effort but can help you achieve your professional goals. Take it seriously and prepare yourself properly. But hard work always pays off.  

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